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The Gravity 180 FPV Racing frame has been CNC machined to the highest tolerances from four pieces of HDPE. This frame must be one of the toughest racing frames on the market and comes with a Lifetime Frame Warranty*
The Gravity 180 has been designed around specific components to keep the frame as compact as possible. Recommended components are as follows: 

  • Naze 32 with ESC connections hard wired
  • 1806 and 2200 series motors with 4” props
  • Any small 20 amp (2200 motors) or 16 amp (1806 motors) ESC such as Little Bee
  • CC3D Power Distribution Board or similar (36mm x 36mm)
  • Skyzone TS5823, Aomway or Luminier VTX
  • Sony HS1177 FPV Camera

Other components can be used but Fossils Stuff cannot guarantee they will fit without possible modification to the Mainframe or Mid and Top Covers.
Main Features:

  • FPV camera protection
  • Motor protection
  • Accessible VTX dip switches from window in Top Cover
  • Integrated XT60 connector supplied
  • Battery protection
  • Motor ventilation holes
  • LED rear bumper for 5 programmable LED’s
  • Naze 32 Rev 5 and Rev 6 USB access
  • Naze 32 pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Large airflow slots in motor arms
  • Machined channels in arms for motor wires
  • Central COG with 4S 1.5 ah lipo battery

The Top Cover can be easily removed and re-fitted with only 4 x M3 screws allowing quick and easy access to the inside.

Material                              HDPE
Weight                               147g
Size                                    180mm PCD
Flight Controller                 Naze32 Rev 5 or 6 or similar
Motor Size                         1806 series and 2200 series
Maximum battery size        4S 1.5ah
The Lifetime Frame Warranty* covers any part of the frame that has been damaged badly enough to render the frame un-flyable. The damaged part/s will be replaced on return of the warranty certificate and the damaged part/s. The frames will need to be registered with Fossils Stuff either by email or post for the Warranty to be valid. This warranty is valid for the lifetime of the Mainframe, Battery Tray, Mid Cover  and Top Cover.
Holes may be drilled in Top Cover for VTX antenna and LED wire route at rear of mainframe. No other modifications may be carried out. The carbon fibre tubes and 45mm bolts retaining the battery tray are not covered under the warranty.

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